A Safe Way Driving School, LLC
Correspondence Course Overview

About the owner

A Safe Way Driving School, LLC Correspondence Course is being administrated by owner, John Mumma.  John is a Pennsylvania Certified Safety Education teacher for 30 years.  The content of the course stems from AAA's Responsible Driving textbook.  AAA (American Automobile Association) is an organization known throughout the world as a foremost authority in driver's education.  If you read and reasonably comprehend all eighteen chapters of Responsible Driving and do the activities associated with this online course, you will gain and have a mindset that should make you a safer beginning driver.

Details of the course material

The course material is taken from the textbook as well as various online resources. There are various requirements -- including tests, activities, etc. -- that the student must complete in order to finish the course.


To get the full benefit of this course, it is important to study and reflect (not just read) the educational features of Responsible Driving. Good Luck in your endeavors to become a knowledgeable and safe beginning driver.